why alternative energy is bad?

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There is no way that one could guarantee the production of power of 100% renewable energy 😊 As per its very nature, weather conditions will fluctuate which would eventually affect the generation of energy πŸ‘ It is only a matter time before energy production falls below demand. The entire nation would be competing to see who gets power first. China would be the only nation that can match US power consumption. Therefore, it would be a crucial requirement that the US import energy from China. This would create a dangerous situation, and is the reason why all countries are dependent upon each other. Fossil fuels.
As with other forms of electricity generation, the impacts that renewable energy installations can have on the environment and society are significant. These effects can vary depending on location and technology. Renewable technologies have impacts that are sometimes similar to, or even milder, than other industrial development of a similar size. While it is possible to locate renewable energy projects in highly sensitive locations, licensing can be more expensive and difficult. These project-scale impacts could affect deployment rates. This was revised by Cartier Feldman November 11, 2020.
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A hydro electricity project means building a huge dam and flooding a large valley and forcefully evacuating people from their homes. The area required to hold the reservoir is typically large. All areas that are biologically and/or agriculturally productive will be lost. Renewable energy sources are often not clean. In many areas of tropical Africa, dams are found in the reservoirs. Produce a considerable amount of methane since there are a lot of plants and trees left decaying. Settlements downstream will be at great risk if construction quality is low or the dam is destroyed by natural disasters. 171,000 Chinese people lost their lives due to the collapse of Banqiao Dam. This was revised by Mark Ward, Gaomi (China) on October 30, 2020.
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Even oceans can’t be protected from potential negative impacts of mining to produce renewable energy materials. On the ocean floor around the world, rich deposits have been found of various desirable metals. The Earthworks report has revealed that deep sea mining is becoming more popular than ever. It was once considered impossible to finance. Deep ocean depths once believed to be uninhabited voids have turned out to be quite biodiverse. According to new research, humans could be damaging ecosystems and species that science doesn’t know much about. Ashley Morris (Miluo, China) edited the text.
Notwithstanding the romantic view of wind and solar power held by many, they are not cost-competitive, they are very far from clean, and they would do remarkably little to limit greenhouse-gas emissions and anthropogenic climate change, the β€œcrisis” view of which is unsupported by the evidence. Numerous available anlyzes show that an increase in wind and solar energy would lead to increased emissions of conventional pollutants like carbon monoxide. Even apart from those problems, the renewable-electricity component of the GND is unworkable as a matter of straightforward electrical engineering, unless one believes that the American electorate will accept constant and widespread blackouts. Modified by Brandon Taylor (Kozhikode in India, September 21, 2021).
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