why are my lemons huge?

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Environmental Moisture and WateringDry weather or infrequent watering may cause your lemons to have a dry pulp 🙌 Water stress may prompt the tree to absorb moisture from the fruit’s pulp, resulting in lemons with little juice 🙌 You should not leave lemons on the trees for too long. Water stress can be prevented by keeping the soil top 5-6 inches moist. If dwarf lemons are grown in containers, it is best to keep the soil top 1-2 inches moist. You can also avoid excessive moisture from the air. Humidity levels Puffy rinds may develop with coarser texture or duller colours. But, juice quality may not be compromised. [1]
Citrus aurantium is the first, which can be described as a bitter-sour orange. This rootstock was once the most popular due to its drought and cold resistance. However, it has since been eliminated due to being susceptible to Citrus Tristeza Virus or CTV (quick decline disease). The tree is similar to a traditional citrus tree. It produces sour fruits that can be round, oval or oblong-oval. They also have a rough surface and thick skin. The fruit ripens to orange colourr, but they can become yellow when riped in warm climates. They are often mistaken for lemons due to their tart nature. Patricia Smith of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, May 3, 2021 added this edit [2]
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Are there Meyers that produce large Meyer lemons? Only small Meyer I’m having seen in the supermarket are smooth, yellow/orange-colored. My large Meyers are always yellow once they mature. My local citrus grower, who grows in containers, says that he’s never seen Meyer like it. The large size of these lemons is what he wants to cultivate so he has taken some cuttings. The plant was purchased from Monrovia nursery many years back. (5? 6? (Yrs.) BTW, this Meyer blooms even after the majority of its leaves fall. Is this a different Meyer? The branches that try to grow taller Meyers are on some type of rootstock. Grow out of the lower trunk each summer have a “3 leaf” pattern — which is completely different that the fruit bearing portion of the tree. [3]
Your lemons could have dry pulp due to infrequent or severe drought. The tree may absorb water from the pulp of the fruit, which can lead to lemons lacking in juice. You should not leave lemons on the trees for too long. The soil must be kept moist for at least 5-6 inches. If dwarf lemons are grown in containers, it should only take 1-2 inches to keep them moist. You may also notice a change in texture and colordue to excessive humidity. Last modified by Justice Gabriel, Louisville, United States. [4]

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