Why Are There Factions In Divergent? (SOLVED!)

On the surface, Divergent can be viewed as a popular young adult action-packed novel about bravery, love, and perseverance 😉 The book has captured the attention of many young adults for its thrilling plot line and stimulating characters 👍 However, there is one aspect of this captivating book that most people probably have not taken into consideration: connecting Divergent to history 👍 Divergent has a utopian world with faction systems that are designed to avoid war. It is an extremely modern book. Divergent can be read in greater detail and can be closely studied to discover its historical importance. Divergent can be linked to both communism, and capitalist revolutionary ideas. [1]
Candor members place honesty first. Candor members are easily recognized by the recognition of their black and white Clothing is a representation of what they actually see in reality. Candor provided trustworthy, sound and reliable leaders for law throughout the centuries. The Candor faction is very honest, and can sometimes be quite tactless. Candor initiates do not use simulation. Instead, they utilize lie detectors tests as well truth serum. Initiates are placed before all faction members and asked deep personal questions. Their belief is that charm is not necessary and politeness in beautiful packaging is deception. Christina says Candor believes that candourr is a person who reveals everything. Candors are honest but also strive to have impartiality. The word Candor comes from “Candid”. These are the name is a Latin word meaning Be white; shine. Marquella Hatch was a great source of information. [2]
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Experts agree divergent.fandom.comFourteen managed to discover that Tris is Divergent during her second fear simulation. She was placed in a box made of glass with water rising to trap her. The glass was broken by her, but others could find other ways out. Others could try to escape the box with a jacket, or other clothing. Four most likely believed this was true before Tris ran its test. He may have suspected it before as he was at that time Divergent. It turns out, however, that Four is technically not Divergent. For their help, we thank Annaliese from Liupanshui in China. [3]
This is a great piece! This explains how Abnegation members are expected to obey others, regardless of whether they happen to also be in Abnegation. To allow others to use the elevators, they take the stairs. An Abnegation can help strangers in the street with things such as grocery shopping or treatment. A Abnegation is not known for its immorality, which includes the possession of weapons of violence. According to the faction, guns must be kept in self-defence. But, self-defence can be considered selfish as it involves self-preservation. Therefore, the faction discourages self-defence. They are the only rational faction that is able to take advantage of their morally intact quality. Govern the city Despite their status as leaders in politics, others often view them as submissive because they are so weak. [4]

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