Why Did Dali Paint The Burning Giraffe? [Solved]

The opened drawers in the blue female figure was, according to Dalí, a “tail bone woman” and they refer to the inner, subconscious within man. In Dalí’s own words, his paintings form “a kind of allegory which serves to illustrate a certain insight, to follow the numerous narcissistic smells which ascend from each of our drawers.”. Both female figures have undefined phallic shapes (perhaps melted clocks, as a recurring image from Dalí’s previous works) protruding from their backs, which are supported by crutch-like objects. The muscular tissue underneath the skin is stripped from the forearms, hands and face of closest figures. The smaller figure holds what appears to be a piece of flesh in her hand, a device also present in The Great Masturbator (1929) 😎 Raw meat is seen as the call for a return to primitive nature, a rediscovery of the inner being 🤓 [1]
We must first talk about the time. When this painting was made, it was the mid 1930s, and Spanish native Salvador Dalí was living in exile in the United States due to the Spanish Civil War. This was also the dawn of World War II, so global conflict was clearly on Dalí’s mind at the time. He was also inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theories. Freud was all about the thoughts. He looked inward. And in a way, that’s what Surrealism is. It’s an outward expression of one’s deepest worries and desires—skewed as they may be. Dalí found Freud’s psychoanalytic method—one that reflects instead of projects—as something that would be hugely beneficial for the world moving forward. Credit to Hyrum Nowak, Jerusalem, Israel, for the revision. [2]
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Dali had painted Burning Giraffe in 1940, before he fled to America. This was between 1940 and 1948. This painting, even though Dali claimed himself to be apolitical (I am Dali and only that), shows his struggle in the home against the war. One of the most distinctive features is the opening drawers on the blue female figure. Dali later described this as “Femmecoccyx” or “tailbone woman”. This phenomenon is attributed to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical methods, which Dali greatly admired. As you can see, he considered him a huge step forward in civilization. “Sigmund Freud, who found that there was no difference between immortal Greece or our era of civilization is the only difference.” human bodyIn Greek times, it was Neoplatonic. It is now full of secret drawers that can only be opened with psychoanalysis. This expressive and propped-up female figure refers to the subconscious, inner man, by opening drawers. Dali described his paintings as “a sort of metaphor which serves to illustrate some insight, to follow each of the narcissistic aromas which ascend out of each of our drawers.” Lene Lindsay edited this article on November 24, 2021. [3]
The Burning Giraffe is a painting about the exile he experienced in America and his battle to return home. It features a female. figure of blue colourr described as Femme-coccyx by the artist which means Woman with tailbones. Dali was attracted to a psychoanalytical technique that inspired the painting phenomenon. This psychoanalytical technique was developed by Sigmund Freud. This is also known as the unconscious within man. Dali stated that there was only one difference between the era of our time and that of immortal Greece. This was Sigmund Freud who believed that female bodies were being portrayed as secret drawers that had been opened through psychoanalysis. We are grateful to Zer Kraus and their latest revision. [4]
Salvador Dali was a radical artist, who is well-known for his dream-like symbolic art. Dali has artwork, like The Basket of Bread (1945) that doesn’t scream surrealism but is just as symbolic as his other works of art. Dali’s 1945 masterpiece, The Basket of Bread (1945), was 41 year old Living in America during World War 2 had seen him expelled from the Surrealists. He had also published The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali 1942. His expulsion from the Surrealist movement by Breton came after he displayed sexual fetishes in his art, he had shown support to Franco and after Dali’s art piece The Enigma of Hitler 1939 (Editors, 2017). After moving to the United StatesWhile his work still had surrealist elements in it, Dali explored more traditional values, techniques and science to create his Nuclear Period, which was published by Leal, 2017. We are grateful to Mechelle Daigle and their contribution. [5]

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