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Why Did Paul Revere Ride? (SOLVED!)

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On April 18, 1775, Dr. Joseph Warren called Paul Revere, and assigned him the task, riding to Lexington. Revere was informed that British soldiers, who were stationed at Boston, were about to enter the country northwest of Boston. Warren said that these soldiers planned to detain Samuel Adams (leader of the Sons of Liberty) and John Hancock (defenseless), who were both staying in Lexington. It’s having was thought they would then continue on to the town of Concord, to capture or destroy military stores — gunpowder, ammunition, and several cannon — that had been stockpiled there. In fact, the British troops had no orders to arrest anyone — Dr. Warren’s intelligence on this point was faulty- but they were very much on a major mission out of Boston. Revere contacted an unidentified friend (probably Robert Newman, the sexton of Christ Church in Boston’s North End) and instructed him to hold two lit lanterns in the tower of Christ Church (now called the Old North Church) as a signal to fellow Sons of Liberty across the Charles River in case Revere was unable to leave town. We are grateful to Sadi Zimmer, Kozhikode (India) for sharing this information. [2]
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (a Harvard professor who is well-known for his romantic poetry) began to write a poem in the spring of 1861 about a mysterious messenger ride taken by an American patriot. Paul Revere The 18-19 April 1775, evening. Longfellow wanted to make use of the story of Paul Revere’s ride It was used to alert the American Union of its imminent demise (which it’s doing). Even though there is good evidence that Longfellow knew the real story of Revere’s ride (from Paul Revere’s 1798 letter to Dr. Jeremy Belknap of the Massachusetts Historical Society, published in a magazine Longfellow had almost certainly read), Longfellow chose to simplify and rearrange parts of the story in the interests of creating a better and more effective poem. Miracle Sauer, Kyrgyzstan, last edited this poem 88 days earlier [3]
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Jasmine Fulton reports at bostonteapartyship.comThe British troops under Colonel Francis Smith’s command assembled on Boston Common on April 18th 1775 and boarded ships bound for Concord. Eight companies of grenadiers (soldiers who stood at the frontlines of battle and fired grenades at their enemies) and eight companies light infantry were among these soldiers. Paul Revere began his nighttime ride with Samuel Prescott and William Dawes during this period. They were there to warn the citizens and wake up minutemen. Revere rode up to Lexington to meet Samuel Adams and John Hancock who were en route for the Second Continental Congress. Revere managed to convince Adams & Hancock to abandon the city to ensure their safety and avoid possible arrest. Revere was eventually captured but, fortunately, for the Patriots this happened after news had been relayed about a British invasion. Henry Sanchez of Jacksonville, United States updated the information on December 16, 2021. [4]
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