why did susan b anthony give her speech?

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Our democratic-republican government is based on the idea of the natural right of every individual member thereof to a voice and a vote in making and executing the laws 🔥 We assert the province of government to be to secure the people in the enjoyment of their unalienable rights 😉 We throw to the winds the old dogma that governments can give rights. No one disputes that every individual had the right to his or her own safety and security before governments existed. Property and liberty are essential. When 100 people or one million enter into free government they don’t barter their natural rights. They simply promise to each other protection through the prescribed judicial, legislative and administrative tribunals. They pledge to give up brute force methods for settling their differences in favor of those of civilization. [1]
The Union was formed by us the people. It wasn’t we the white male citizens nor the men citizens. It was not for us to enjoy the blessings, but to make sure they were there. Not to our half, or to our posterity; but to all of humanity – men and women. It is absurd to speak to women about their blessings. liberty while they are denied the use of the only means of securing them provided by this democratic-republican government – the ballot. Last edited by Shailyn Oliveira, Chongjin (North Korea), 97 days ago [2]
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In this lesson, students analyze a daring challenge to the legal and social order of the time: Susan B. Anthony’s casting of an illegal ballot in the 1872 presidential election. Anthony was ultimately put on trial, convicted, and fined $100 for her “crime.” In this lesson, students close read an excerpt from Anthony’s speech Is It a Crime for Women to Vote? Anthony defends her actions in this speech. The speech, written prior to Anthony’s trial in 1873, contains many themes that resonate with contemporary debates about membership in American society. This lesson encourages students to make connections between past and present. It focuses on acts of civil disobedience and how voting works in democracy. meaning of equality. After Leron Olivas pointed this out, we appreciate it. [3]
Image #3 It also explains how we the people formed the Union. Not us the white male citizens, nor are we the male citizens. We formed the Union not to grant liberty to half our population, nor to protect half our descendants, but for the benefit of all people, women and men alike. And it is a downright mockery to talk to women of their enjoyment of the blessings of liberty while they are denied the use of the only means of securing them provided by this democratic-republican government – the ballot. [4]
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