why do my curls fall?

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For those of us whose hair has trouble holding a curl, we have to invest a bit more time than our wavy-haired counterparts. On styling day, that means give yourself plenty of time to work like a hairstylist. Start by sectioning out prepped hair (bonus points if it’s second day hair with a little grit!) and work in pieces no bigger than one inch to ensure that you’re getting heat through the whole section 🙈 Taking another hint from the pros, go to the trouble of pinning or gently cupping strands while they cool to help set the curl and boost staying power 🤓 [1]
There’s more to curling your hair than the old curling iron your mom gave you freshman year of high school for the homecoming dance. Upgrade your iron to something higher quality with ceramic plates that heat equally all the way through—this way your curls are the same size all the way through. A lot of people think that their irons need to get super hot to get the best curls. If you have very thick hair, you’ll want a higher heat than someone with finer or thinner hair; however, you shouldn’t need an iron with anything over 300 degrees, and make sure your iron is never set above 400 degrees. (last edited 81 days ago by Cammeron Delarosa from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) [2]
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I love experiencing the fullness of life when I’m surrounded by nature. One of my favorite things is observing plants and appreciating each of them in their uniqueness! When plants are healthy, they look robust, strong, and bright. Their flowers bloom with life and so do their leaves. Curly hair is like plants in this sense. Hydrated and healthy curly hair will always look full, defined, bright, strong and full of life, resembling a beautiful garden that is growing out of your scalp. Limp, stringy and weak curls are indicators that something isn’t quite right. If you are experiencing limp curls, you need to reassess your curly hair routine to pinpoint what the problem might be. Listening to the wants and needs of your hair is the key! [3]
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Having said all of the above, the best hair to start of with is actually second or third-day hair! Although we all love the feeling of fresh, clean hair, curls tend to hold better in dirtier hair. The reason for this is because the natural oils from your scalp give the hair a grittier texture and natural hold without needing hair mousse, so there’s a better chance the curls will last longer. If you’re in between washes and are worried about your hair looking oily, try using some dry shampoo at the roots, to help soak up any extra oil. (last edited 71 days ago by Zully Mallory from Zhenjiang Jiangsu, China) [4]
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