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Why Do We Have Flowers At Funerals? (RESOLVED!)

Arranging and placing flowers around the deceased is and has been one of the oldest forms of mourning 😁 This ancient activity was well documented by Dr 👍 Ralph Solecki in 1951, during his famous excavation in the Shanidar Cave in Northern Iraq 😁 Solecki discovered many burial places there. He’s also finding pollen, fragments and flowers of multiple wildflower species that were later proven to have been present since 62,000 B.C. These flowers were found to be the first ever used in a funeral, according to soil samples. This discovery was eventually noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest form of human ritual. [1]
This practise can be documented or speculated in two instances. First, a Shanidar Caves in Iraq is an example of a Neanderthal grave. It was discovered with several ancient corpses. Soil samples that support they’re have having been surrounded in plant This is the second. American President Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson died in 1978 at age 78. By the time his funeral was held, the’s body having already begun to severely decay. In order to keep the stench out of the coffin, the undertaker created a literal mound from flowers. The powerful fragrance from the many hundreds of flowers sufficed to make the attendees enjoy the service. The beauty and fragrance of flowers is so important that this particular event highlighted their importance. We are truly grateful to Pedro Rosas, Portland. United States This has been brought to our attention. [2]
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Based on an Article from, what is the history behind flowers at funerals and memorial services?Placing flowers around those who have died is almost certainly mankind’s oldest tribute to the dead. Ralph Solecki discovered funeral flowers in the Shanidar Cave, Northern Iraq. He’s also finding several burial locations. The soil samples proved that the famous cemetery was indeed home to funeral flowers. Local people had roamed the hillsides collecting wild flowers and placed them on graves 62,000 years ago. These flowers are thought to have been first used for funerals. This discovery eventually was recorded in Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s oldest form of ritual. Last modified on 9/02/2017 by Wilfrido Morales, Yongkang (China). [3]
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At Please contact us for more information. As a funeral director, you’re a family’s first resource when it comes to all things relating to their loved one’s services, funeral customs and how to respond to people in grief. You’re connected not just to the family you are serving, but to their friends and loved ones too who are sharing in their mourning. They’ll visit your website to learn the details about the service, or read an obituary if they live far away and are unable to attend the funeral. You have the opportunity to support your family by making it easy, quick and secure. We appreciate Derelle Seymour’s revisions. [4]
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