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If you find your pond water smelling unpleasant, often like rotten eggs or sewage, there is likely a substance imbalance or build-up of waste causing the problem 🔥 Smelly water is generally noticed during Spring or early Summer when pond water begins naturally circulating due to the change in weather conditions 🙌 Often you’ll have a bad smell building at the bottom of your pond over the entire Winter, but the had smell won’t be released and noticed until it mixes with the upper layers of pond water as temperatures rise. This is why cleaning sludge before winter sets in is an important step in “winterizing” a fish pond! [1]
All of this material is usually absorbed by bacteria that breathe oxygen. The water may become stagnant and stale if it isn’t aerated enough. temperature layersThis is what gives the pond its scent. The top layer gets warmed by the sun and isn’t able to hold any oxygen and seals up the bottom layer with a limited amount of oxygen. The top layer is heated by the sun and is unable to hold any oxygen. ponds oxygen supply is depleted there is not enough of the good bacteria to deal with the waste being produced so the breakdown of the debris in the pond is left to the bacteria that doesn’t need The pond must have oxygen for life. This bacteria is slower at converting the waste into useful nutrients. Additionally, it emits Hydrogen Sulphide and Methane while doing so which can make the water noxious and toxic for fish. We are grateful to Allecia Bergman, Jinjiang (China) for her heads-up. [2]
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Based on a new article sorkoservices.comThe good news is, even though there may be a variety of causes for pond smell, the simple solution to a stench is better circulation and more aeration. Sometimes, getting more oxygen is the best way to fix a stinky pond. You need to make sure you have the right amount of oxygen. pond water You can’t just flow around, cycling top to bottom. Or you have to give your body more oxygen. Your body can get the oxygen it needs from aeration or fountains. needs to support a healthy balance of plant Living things, including animals. When all the organisms in the pond get sufficient oxygen, your pond shouldn’t have a nasty smell. Last revised by Onix Dunbar, Sanaa (Yemen) on 90/07/2018 [3]
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Ecosystem ponds, such as the one in this article, are free from chemicals. swimming poolsThey take a lot of time and effort to achieve harmony and balance. One of the famous quotes by Benjamin Franklin is that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, which can be applied when taking care of backyard ponds – treat the garden ponds early before the algae growing in it becomes out of control. The best way to manage garden ponds is to hire pond cleaning service or get your hands wet once or twice a month. Garden ponds that are maintained regularly will last for many years without the need to be rebuilt or repaired. This was amended by Doris Johnson, Yanji (China) on December 1, 2020 [4]
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Latest studies by This is why we have created a special blend of bacteria to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant odour. The proper combination of bacteria, such as our Pond Clear product, will accomplish two important things. This is called “denitrification.” Ponds tend to have high number of nitrogen and phosphorous. For algae, phosphorous and other forms of vegetative growth, nitrogen and phosphorous can be food sources. Special bacteria that is able to absorb nitrogen/phosphorous can fight for the food source. This prevents unwanted organic matter from growing. b) Reduce the sludge. The sludge layer will absorb bacteria from the bottom. It is possible to reduce odors by eating the sludge. Jayce Self (Monrovia Liberia), last modified on 52 Days ago [5]

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