why is 100 years of solitude a good book?

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“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”What other reason could there be?” Colonel Gerineldo Marquez answered 👍 “For the great Liberal party 🤓”You’re lucky because you know why,” he answered 😊 “As far as I’m concerned, I’ve come to realise only just now that I’m fighting because of pride.”That’s bad,” Colonel Gerineldo Marquez said.Colonel Aureliano Buendia was amused at his alarm. “Naturally,” he’s had saying said. “But in any case, it’s better than not knowing why you’re fighting.” He looked him in the eyes and added with a smile:Or fighting, like you, for something that doesn’t have any meaning for anyone.” — Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude [1]
In early 2012, I mademademademy first trip to Colombia. During my stay, I becamecome familiar with many of the emblems around which this wonderful nation’s image revolves. The coffee is the most famous in the country, and it’s perhaps best known for the mustachioed Juan Valdez. You will also find artifacts from ancient Indian civilizations in many museums. Then there is the world-famous painter Fernando Botero, who has adapted his unique style to depict countless national icons, as well as the torture practiced by US soldiers at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison. And most of all, towering over the rest, is Colombia’s most beloved author, Gabriel García Márquez. Modified by William Cook (Bocaramanga, Colombia) December 27, 2021 [2]
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Based on a brand new article by goodreads.comThis is because Colonel Aureliano buendia had seventeen unmarried sons named Aureliano from seventeen different women. They all came to his house the same day. Remedios the Beauty is a girl so beautiful that men just waste away in front of her, but she doesn’t even notice. The twins Aureliano Segundo and Jose Arcadio Segundo may have, in fact, switched identities when they were children, but no one knows for sure – not even them. Strange things are happening all the time in the tiny town of Macondo and no one notices. Or if they do notice that, for example, the town’s patriarch has been living for the last twenty years tied to a chestnut treeNobody thinks that anything about it is unusual. [3]
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Dianna Burroughs, at openculture.comIt is packed full of detail, allusion and historical references that the book can be read endlessly. As Harold Bloom put it, “every page is rammed full of life beyond the capacity of any single reader to absorb… There are no wasted sentences, no mere transitions, in this novel, and you must notice everything at the moment you read it.” Pablo Neruda called it “the greatest revelation in the Spanish language since Don Quixote of Cervantes”—the founding text of Spanish-language literature and, indeed, of the novel form itself. Jamerson Mitchell (Nay Pyi Taw in Myanmar), last edited this text 81 days before it was published. [4]
Image #4 also mentions how in 1967, Sudamericana Press published One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien años de soledad), a novel written by a little known Colombian author named Gabriel García Márquez. The publisher and the writer did not expect much from the book. They knew, as the publishing giant Alfred A. Knopf once put it, that “many a novel is dead the day it is published.” Unexpectedly, One Hundred Years of Solitude went on to sell over 45 million copies, solidified its stature as a literary classic, and garnered García Márquez fame and acclaim as one of the greatest Spanish-language writers in history. Gamal Diehl, for sharing this information with us. [5]
Our friends at stated how gabriel García Márquez, a Nobel Prize winning Latin American author of magical realism fiction, died recently in April 2014. His writing style was something I enjoyed and so, I decided to revisit his One Hundred Years of Solitude. This is what I remember from the first time that I read it. time several years A single sensation was what ago was: The feeling of lying on a comfortable bench in an idyllic garden, with the cool breeze blowing. Hailed as one of the greatest novels of all time, One Hundred Years of Solitude focuses on seven generations of the Buendía family in the city of Macondo. This novel should be on everyone’s “to-read” list for its unabashed depiction of humanity. Brian P., Juiz De Fora (Brazil), September 28, 2020. [6]

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