Why Is Bear Hunting Good? (RESOLVED)

3 🙈 Hunting opportunity abounds 😎 There are more black bear hunting opportunities in states and provinces than ever before. In the 1950s, New Jersey was home to less than 100 bears. The Garden State extended its bear hunting season in 2010 to manage a growing population of over 3,000. Bear sightings were reported in all New Jersey counties, even though the state has banned bear hunting. State has the highest human population density in the United States. Bears from Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky have returned to eastern Kentucky following a more than 100-year absence. Bluegrass State now offers hunting in 16 counties. Florida was home to between 300-500 black bears in the 1970s. In the Sunshine State’s ancient swamps, more than 4000 bears can be found. Oklahoma had its first bear season opening in 2009 and Sooner State hunters killed between 40-60 bears every year. There are breeding black bear populations from northern Louisiana to southern Missouri.
“You can hunt bears? What’s the point of killing a bear when you can hunt them? It is my hope that you are killed by bears. It is the most disgusting thing on earth. How cowardly you are for killing bears! You can’t eat a bear, that’s what deer are for.” Those are all real comments from various people around the world in response to bear hunting. These comments are commonplace during bear seasons. It has even been threatening to kill some hunters. I don’t think anyone has ever hated a photo of a deer. Bears, though? They would think I had had threatened their lives. My opinion is that there’s no hunted animal out there that brings as much controversy and backlash as the bears. Why? (last edited 37 days ago, Jacinto grossman of Liupanshui in China).
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Looking through the lens of North America’s thriving black bear population, use these six points to understand who we are and the invaluable service we provide to society. Despite the efforts and opinions of those who would seek to discredit the hunter/conservation model of wildlife management in North America, one powerful fact remains – there are more black bears in North America today than in the past 150 years. According to biologists, there is more bears in the United States today than ever. A 2015 article in National Geographic titled “Black Bears are Rebounding – What Does That Mean For People?” the author states, “Scientists believe there are more black bears in North America than there were when settlers arrived in the 1600s.” Hunting over bait, running hounds, spot and stalk and trapping haven’t diminished bear populations, but rather they’ve been in place during a time period when bear populations have thrived. Is there a link? Requel Kiser, Hangzhou (China) last revised this article 62 days earlier
A new article by nationalgeographic.comThe intensive management law has also been used to reduce brown and grizzly bear populations, but bears have largely been negatively affected by more liberal hunting regulations. These include a waiver of hunting fees, the allowance for baiting, longer hunting seasons, the legalization and sale of skulls and hides to commercial buyers, as well as allowing hunters to kill more animals each year. The intent, again, was to increase populations of hooved animals for hunters’ benefit, because bears sometimes predate on young moose and caribou. In the end, brown bears were killed twice as often by hunters than they were in 1980 (850 per year) and 2013 (1700).
Jermain King, can be lured to particular sites by this hunting method, which often involves strong-smelling and attractive food. Once bears are used to feeding at the site the hunter will shoot the bear from close by, usually from a treestand or within a hide or “blind”. While regulations restrict the distance between bait stations and dwellings to bears to less than 25 yards, it is possible for them to become habituated to eating non-natural food. If the bait is not regularly provided bears may well go in search of similar foods elsewhere, and a quarter of a mile isn’t far for a hungry bear. Last modified by Shaqueta Braham, Lahore (Pakistan) 70 days ago
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