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Why Is Crime Fiction So Popular? [SOLVED]

This law of cause-and-effect is a universal law in the universe. We humans can’t see the law in practice because it is too complex and vast. While we attempt to give causes to every experience, it is mostly speculation. In other words, we seek agency – we look for the agent (the active or efficient cause, the person or thing responsible) of any actions we perceive. Our judgments in real life are sometimes faulty. We suspect more agency than is actually there. This is because it’s a safety measure. It is safer to assume there is a specific threat (a saber-tooth tiger behind the bush) than accept that the agent of a phenomenon might be so general as to be meaningless (the wind caused the rustle in the bush) 🙌 Stories teach us to look for agency 👍 In stories we are used to finding out who the agent of a phenomenon was – and nowhere more so than in a crime story 🔥 All stories revolve around the person who did it. So if stories exist in order to teach us something that will help us to survive – the evolutionary theory of why we humans love stories so much –, then crime stories do that with particular efficiency. [1]
This might be the first time that the genre I’m writing, read and love has outsold any other, but it’s certainly not the first time I’ve been asked: “Why is there such an appetite for crime novels?” Crime fiction was extremely popular long before it was the most popular, and so we crime writers have to answer this question all the time. Sometimes it is presented in an evidently disapproving manner: “Can you account for the unstoppable popularity of crime fiction, Ms Hannah? Where were you Tuesday night at 9pm? Writing a crime novel, I’m had betting.” (Prolific authors take note: the word “unstoppable” is never truly intended as a compliment, and you should be suspicious of anyone who uses it about you.) [2]
Image #2 He also mentions how enigmas can be conundrums and mysteries, and that as readers and humans, our inherent desire for knowledge is matched only by our thirst for justice. You can add to that our insatiable desire for answers and we still live in an environment that doesn’t match our expectations. Open the daily paper or browse online news sources World events often overwhelm us. We feel like events have out of our hands, from terrorists in London who are killing innocent Londoners to megalomaniacs who appear to be threatening nuclear war. We are grateful to Arlina Lancaster who pointed this out. [3]
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Experts at These additional insights may be helpful. A detective story has a different concept than a novel. In a novel, the protagonist is the hero. Things happen To him. His character develops or develops and it is his relationship to others which is important. A detective story is incomplete without a hero. It is the detective who is most important. His ability to put the pieces together is what arouses curiosity. The narration is and is what is most important in a detective tale. Character growth is secondary. The detective story must provide suspense. This is the basic ingredient responsible for story-telling. It feeds curiosity and the need to understand why. Covey Kessler revised the text on July 2, 2020. [4]

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