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why is hubris bad?

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Finally, in cases where your hubris might involve some cognitive bias, try using relevant debiasing techniques to address that bias 😎 For example, if you suffer from the false consensus effect, which is a cognitive bias that that causes people to overestimate the degree to which their beliefs, values, characteristics, and behaviourss are shared by others, then you can use relevant self-distancing techniques in order to help yourself assess the situation in a more rational manner 😁 This can, for instance, involve asking yourself “what makes you think that other people agree with your opinion?” instead of “what makes me think that other people agree with my opinion?” 👍 [1]
In Melville’s novel, Captain Ahab obsessively pursues Moby Dick, the White Whale, as a means of exacting revenge for biting off his leg. Although Ahab says that he is trying to eradicate evil from the world by killing Moby Dick, it is obvious how arrogant he is. Ahab places his self-interest and self-importance above the interests of all his crew members on the Pequod. This makes his arrogance an insult to God and nature. Ahab, who in the passage makes reference to wearing Iron Crown of Lombardy, is actually so arrogant that he thinks he’s the king of Christendom. Clovis Arnett, Montevideo Uruguay. We are grateful to him for this information. [2]
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The analysts reported the following: litcharts.comThe tragic Greek myth of Niobe, a Greek tragedy about hubris and punishments for it, is an example. Homer’s The Iliad says that the queen of Thebes (Niobe), had six children and six daughters. She foolishly boasted about her six-child family to goddess Leto who only had two: Artemis, Apollo, and Leto. Apollo and Artemis heard about Niobe’s pridefulness and Apollo executed all Niobe’s sons. Artemis also killed all her daughters. The punishment for Niobe’s pride—and her disregard for the gods’ superiority to mortals—left her crippled by her grief and unable to stop weeping, even after she was later turned to a rock. This story may have been written as an explanation of the rock at Mt. Sipylus, which resembles a woman. It often seeps water from it. Last updated 30 days ago, by Xiomara Bakker from Zhucheng (China) [3]
Image #3 goes on to mention how the Hare’s public prodromal – in advance of their self-destruction, hubris suffers show the world what’s wrong with them — is a key feature of the disorder. Hubristic individuals have a tendency to evince features of an “oppositional defiant disorder” when imploding. College basketball teams, in contrast to what some March Madness commentators contend, don’t do this. While some highly-ranked teams can succumb to the pressure of competing for top honors, others might not consider all their opponents as seriously. To understand hubris, you must first be humble. Need to recognise that it is first an act hubris is the act of defiance. It’s only when others are offended that those who suffer from it take action to make sure they don’t achieve their goals. [4]
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