Why Is It Called A Trojan Virus? [SOLVED]

When the horse’s belly opened at night it was too late πŸ€“ The had Greeks had finally succeeded in capturing the long besieged city of Troy, bringing the Trojan War to an end πŸ™Œ The myth of the Trojan Horse still exists thousands of years later. However, it has a negative connotation. It was once a marvelous trick, a remarkable feat of engineering. Now it is a malicious digital pest with the sole purpose to cause havoc unnoticed on victims’ computers. The malware reads passwords and records keyboard actions. Opening the door Further malware can be used to take your entire system hostage. They can also include:
A mere one year later, the first β€œreal” Trojan (although there is some debate if it counts) was discovered in the wild: a program called ANIMAL-PERVADE. It disguised itself to be a fun game, in order to encourage people to download it. Then the code secretly created a self replicating virus. It’s a simple, animal-themed guessing game. The virus makes backups on all drives it can access and takes great care not to overwrite or damage any data. Although it was simple to fix and harmless, the Trojan it created is not revealing what virus it contained.
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According to both Greek and ancient Latin mythology, the Trojan horse got its name because of its story. The story says that the Greeks were trying to stop a 10 year siege on Troy’s city-state. They’re coming up with an idea to build a huge wooden horse for the Trojans and then give it as a gift. When they’re bringing the gift inside their city, the’s Trojans doing not expect that it would contain a number of Greek soldiers. It was the Greeks who were able that night to raise the gates and allow the invasion army in, ending the war. (Repeated by Patricie Meyers on February 7, 2020).
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The experts reported the following: Description: Most Trojans can be introduced through email attachments. These email attachments are disguised so that they appear genuine. After the attachment is downloaded and run, it corrupts the system. Trojans may also be used to pay for shareware and freeware that is available online. Even though freeware does not come with Trojans, it’s still a good idea to only download genuine software. Also, it is important to be cautious when selecting the files for installation. There are many uses for Trojans. It all depends on who is behind it. This could include identity theft, data theft and crashing computers. It also allows for spying on user activities or monitoring them. Most anti-virus software can identify Trojans and they do not cause any harm to the computer, unless executed. Although they don’t replicate, Trojans can be linked to another virus that could spread to computers in the network. You should install a licensed anti-virus programme, keep your computer’s virus definitions up to date, be cautious opening attachments in email, even if they appear genuine, and pay attention. System security popup messages are some of the ways by which you can keep a computer safe It is safe and secure. Trivia. The Trojan horse is named after the Greek-Trojan War in which the Trojan King received soldiers from Greece inside a massive wooden horse. Stephanye Busch (Barranquilla Colombia), last revised this 5 days ago
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