Why Is My Hoya Plant Not Flowering? [5 REPLIES FOUND]

Hoya plants (Hoya carnosa is one of the most common hoya varieties) are usually grown in a hanging basket and have earned a spot as a favorite among indoor plants 😁 Also known as wax plant for its thick, shiny leaves, Hoya is easy to get along with and thrives with minimal care. Hoya can produce dozens of stars-shaped flowers on umbrels (umbrellas), which are umbrella-like stalks 🙈 The blooms can be as small as three inches depending on which variety they are. They come in a range of colors, from pale yellow, white, and deep brownish purple. The hoya plant can be almost indestructible but it is not easy to get the flower to bloom. [1]
Malathion and Sevin can be used to treat moderate numbers of grasshoppers. Chemicals also kill the natural predators so I wouldn’t use them unless my garden is really under attack. Young grasshoppers are more easily controlled than adults, but even they have won’t die instantly. You will need to apply again as more grasshoppers come in from nearby gardens. If you do decide to apply pesticide, make sure that you follow all instructions. If you have serious issues with your garden, you should not use pesticides. Vaishali meeks (Amritsar) updated the last update 61 days back. [2]
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According to Jacques Goddard stamenandstemblog.com, 1.) Assuming all Hoyas are created equal in their care needs – While it’s true that many Hoyas require similar care, like I mentioned above, there are over 500 species, cultivars, and hybrids of Hoyas from all parts of the world. It is important to research the different needs of Hoyas before you decide to start collecting them. Others prefer hot and humid while others like cool temperatures and are able to tolerate dry air. Some people like to be dry, while others like some moisture. Amount of water. Hoyas that have thicker leaves tend to be more productive. Drought tolerant Hoyas that have thin leaves are more thirsty than others. You can also have light, maturation, roots, and temperature as factors in blooming. Vermont Hoyas are a favourite resource. There are also many helpful Hoya groups available on Facebook. Keysha Lott, Quito (Ecuador) emended this information 20 days ago. [3]
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Cleveland Enriquez at homesteadbrooklyn.comAccording to a report by, many people are drawn to hoyas because of their beautiful flowers. These are often variable between species and sometimes have different colors within the same species. They also come in a variety of fragrant scents. In some cases, hoyas are hard to tell apart from one another unless they are in bloom, but to the trained eye, the slight variations in leaf morphology—between species (and even within the same species)—can be detected and very much appreciated. In the past few years I’m having been collecting hoyas more. Thinking part The desire to learn more about the genus is a key ingredient in our personal development. We are grateful to Chenay Eastman, for sharing this information. [4]
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