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Cyber-attacks have become more frequent, and every day there is a major IT security breach. Every attack seeks to find weaknesses in applications, IT systems and hardware. Security measures that prevent or combat attackers include identifying and responding in real time to security incidents to reduce the potential damage. Security Information and Event Management Software (SIEM) allows security teams to keep on top of security alerts in real-time 🙈 In this article we will define what a SIEM solution is, its importance and its benefits 🙈 Next, we will present you with an overview of top venders to help you choose the right SIEM solution for your organisation 😉 [1]
You can configure a SIEM to alert you of such activity. An example of this is a PDF exploit that causes Adobe Reader to crash. The Adobe Reader process will crash shortly after. Process will launch that either listens for an incoming network connection or initiates An outbound connection with the attacker. Many SIEMs have enhanced capabilities for endpoint monitoring. Keep track A list of process activity, including network connections opening or closing and processes that are starting and ending. A SIEM detects attacks by combining process activity with network connections between host machines. It does this without having to examine packets and payloads. A SIEM can detect malicious activity that passes through the traditional defenses, while IDS/IPS/AV does what it is good at. Judy Gray, Zaragoza (Spain) on May 25, 2021 amended this document. [2]
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Let’s talk for a moment about what a SIEM is not. A SIEM does more than log aggregate. It is very easy to just collect and store log files, however, this doesn’t give you any visibility into your security posture or help mitigate any threats. Be careful, many so-called “SIEM” providers out there are in fact just glorified log aggregators. A second reason is that some people think that their IDS/IPS system does the same thing As a SIEM. Nope! The IDS, a single data source that contains false positives or incorrect information, is an isolated feed. SIEM uses that data to cross-correlate it with other system data and threat feeds in order to identify if the threat is real. Relying only on the IDS system can be likened to watching a single frame and then thinking that you have seen it all. [3]
The Internet of Things market (IoT), is expanding. Gartner predicts that 26 billion connected devices will exist by 2020. There is more risk with connected devices as hackers have more entry points to your network. Once they get on one piece of your network, they will be able to access all of it. Many IoT venders offer APIs and other data repositories which can easily be integrated into SIEM software. This makes SIEM software and essential part of your business’s cyber security It can help you to protect your network from IoT threats like DoS attacks, and it will flag potentially compromised or at-risk devices that are part of your environment. Loren Schwab, Fuqing (China) last updated this page 82 days ago [4]
The researchers stated that, however, as previously said, a company cannot simply deploy a SIEM and assign employees to monitor it, then ‘walk away’ from the system. It is essential that a SIEM be used as an event/log collector and incident response system. To have too many alerts can lead to teams not being able to find critical data due the excessive noise. If there are not enough alerts, critical incidents might not be noticed. This tuning happens on the human side – people who know the network well, keep an eye on the SIEM and the systems it monitors, and update according to the needs of the business and network. Below is an example of this cycle. Dekota means amended this model May 10, 2020 [5]

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