why is there so much water under my house?

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When standing water under the house occurs regularly, structural problems can arise including a loss of foundation stability 😊 If left unchecked, the standing water also will cause musty basement odors and even can lead to mold problems 🤓 Mold can be a very serious health issue, particularly for people with allergies or asthma. Mold can negatively impact indoor air quality. Mold can cause problems in indoor air quality by attracting bugs to the home through moisture and water. Salmonella can be carried by some bugs, such as the cockroach. Contact a specialist in foundation repairs to avoid these dangers. [1]
Q Recently, my husband and I bought a house. We met our neighbor while trying to get to know him better. One informed us there might be water underneath the house. The neighbor had discovered water beneath his house and informed our previous owners. But, nothing was done. I recently took the floorboard out of one room on the ground floor. Then, I pulled the carpet out of another. The house appears to be dry from what I see. water was quite low down but there was a lot It is. How will it affect me? property and what do I need I can do what is necessary to minimize its effect on my property. (We are truly grateful for Chelsa McCauley’s latest insights). [2]
Image #2 The author then mentions that the concrete floor in the hall and kitchen is half and half, while the lounge and other areas of the kitchen/diner have the suspended timber floors. As we are about to install a new kitchen, water was found under the concrete floorboards. This was also likely to have been under the lounge. It is quite common for the water to dry out during dry periods. come straight in and be right underneath our house again! The water is about four inches in depth now and it is less than two feet beneath our floorboards. Although the rainwater drain has been fixed, it’s not the water table. None of our neighbors seem to have any problems with this and they never had water under their houses. We’re tearing our hair out, and aren’t sure where else to go. As our wallpaper in the living room is peeling, we see slugs everywhere on the downstairs floor. It is causing panic and we are unable to resolve it. month old The baby is crawling now and it worries me that she may get one of these slugs. The hade we had water board out and they say there is no issue with surface water drainage, and that none of the drains is blocked. Do you have any suggestions? Last revised 56 days ago, by Stormie R. from Bamenda Cameroon. [3] Then, we explain why we are the best choice when you have to get water out of under your house. Advanced Foundation Repair is familiar with Texas soil conditions, and the potential damage they could cause to your foundation. Our foundation inspections are precise and pinpoint potential problems before they escalate. major problems. Advanced Pro-Lift Technology prevents you from putting your foundation at risk. We offer affordable solutions with easy, transferable payments, lifetime warranties and financing. Top quality products quality foundation repair and terrific customer serviceContact Advanced Foundation Repair Dallas to speak with a team of foundation specialists. Revision by Ruth V. from Balashikha (Russia) December 13, 2021 [4]

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