Why Is Turkey The Main Dish For Thanksgiving? [TOP ANSWER!]

Turkey may not have been on the menu at the 1621 celebration by the Pilgrims of Plymouth that is considered the First Thanksgiving 😎 There were definitely wild turkeys in the Plymouth area, as colonist William Bradford noted in his journal 🙈 However, the best existing account of the Pilgrims’ harvest feast comes from colonist Edward Winslow, author of Mourt’s Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth 🤓 Winslow’s first-hand account of the First Thanksgiving included no explicit mention of turkey. He does, however, mention the Pilgrims gathering “wild fowl” for the meal, although that could just as likely have meant ducks or geese. So then, we should eat turkey. [1]
While pumpkin pie may have become the main dessert of modern Thanksgiving dinners now, the humble pumpkin pie was not present at the first Thanksgiving. Pilgrims likely didn’t have the necessary butter and flour to bake a good pie crust. It isn’t clear if they have had an oven that could have made pumpkin pie. This doesn’t mean the pumpkins didn’t exist for this meal. They were likely cooked in the oven or stewed over the fire. Pumpkin pie became a popular However, it may have been a 17-century American dish that was served on American Thanksgiving tables. (Thanks a lot Xylina Sorensen who shared this with us). [2]
Image #2 This gives you more insight. This is one aspect historians are unable to agree upon, despite the fact that there is ample evidence to support turkeys as a favorite dinnertime meal choice for many centuries. You’re referring to the 1621 harvest celebration for Thanksgiving. Two eyewitnesses can provide two accounts about what took place during the three-day celebration: Edward Winslow sent back a letter and William Bradford wrote a record. Winslow didn’t even mention turkeys. Bradford however wrote that there were “a great stock of wild turkeys” and they are taking many more than venison. Lainey Bruno of San Luis Potosi in Mexico, last modified 44 days ago [3]
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Tionna Driscoll countryliving.comAccording to, the tradition of Thanksgiving dinner continued from that point on. However, technology and time have changed the recipe a little. You don’t need to be told that new Thanksgiving traditions such as green bean casseroles and cranberry syrup have found their way onto the table. More importantly, today’s topic is where fish and duck are no longer popular, so turkey has become the most preferred dish in almost every home. Why choose turkey over other protein choices? Turkey was affordable, readily available and relatively inexpensive. It could also be roasted in the oven unattended for many hours, making it a great choice to eat while you watch football or hang out with your friends. Credit goes to Heyward Crandall, who has the most recent version. [4]

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