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Why Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure? [SOLVED]

The RCN welcomed the announcement in the recent 2019 spending review of a real terms increase to the public health grant, which we see as a step in the right direction 👍 However, indications are that the increase will likely fall short of the amount needed to offset the years of cuts and is not based on an assessment of population need 😉 Improving public health and preventing ill health is about more than health services; and requires action to address the wider determinants of health, for example, education, transport and employment, which need to be addressed alongside health services in a more systematic way and with cross-government action and investment 😉 [1]
Dentistry (and opthalmology) have always had an advantage over general medicine (I.e the GP), in that we are able to make a very thorough examination of our patient’s mouth without too much specialist equipment. Contrary to our GP colleagues, who often need to order expensive scans and blood tests to confirm their diagnosis. We have always been able offer advice about preventing diseases because we can access a large part of the body. We don’t fix things once they break, but we prevent them from ever happening. To do this, you need to have good information. A dental checkup is usually enough. Last edited by Brandon Kowalski, Siliguri (India) 28 days ago [2]
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The science and technology of genetics is one of most important developments in the study of health risks. Testing of DNA has the capability to determine an individual’s predisposition to a variety of diseases, including some forms of cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. A specific genetic mutation can be used to predict the likelihood that a condition associated with it will develop. Other cases will indicate that a genetic mutation is present. However, in other instances, this will only be indicative of a predisposition. The emergence of a condition will depend on a variety of factors. These tests are now much simpler and less expensive. Genetic testing today is easily available on the consumer market. It can be conducted in a doctor’s clinic or with a testing kit Results are usually available within days at home. [3]
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Washing your hands frequently and correctly, wearing masks and keeping a minimal social distance from public places are just a few of the many things you can do to protect yourself. Fast food – and overall consciously adopting a healthier way of life, the pandemic has certainly changed our outlook on health and its importance. Our understanding of healthcare was earlier limited only to curative healthcare – seeing healthcare only as a treatment approach when one is sick, now we have also started considering preventive healthcare – how to care for our health It is important that people do not get sick from the start. The latter will help to reduce disease burden around the globe by controlling spread of communicable aswell as non-communicable illnesses. Dunia Kelly (Ibb, Yemen), last revised this page 74 days ago [4]

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