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Why Was The Battle Of Princeton Important? (Resolved)

Rather than risk defeat in Trenton, Washington, in collaboration with his senior officers, agreed upon a bold and dangerous plan 😁 That very night the Continental army would quietly leave its positions along the creek and march east, then north towards Princeton 😉 With deceptive campfires still burning along the creek, Washington’s intrepid soldiers began their 18-mile march through the dark and bitterly cold night 🔥 By stealing a march on Cornwallis, Washington retained the all-important initiative and avoided any movement that smacked of retreat 😁 Washington’s successful night march on January 2 and 3, 1777 is remembered as one of the great flank marches in American history. [1]
On December 26, 1876, the Continental Army attacked Trenton (New Jersey) by attacking the Hessian garrison. Washington sought to capitalize on this success and seek out more ways to boost American morale, as well as drive the Crown from that colony. The intelligence on enemy deployments revealed that the British and Hessian forces were highly distributed. Washington thought that by taking up an area in northern New Jersey’s Ramapo Mountains, he would be encouraging the recruitment of local militiamen and making the British position to the south unsustainable. Washington, on the 29th of December ordered the return of his army across the Delaware River in order to launch the operation. [2]
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A British force, consisting of the 17th Foot and the 55th Foot as well as a troop from the 16th Light Dragoons marched out of Princeton at dawn to join General Leslie. In the early morning mist the British mistook Mercer’s Americans for Hessians and then for a small party of Americans they assumed must be fleeing from Cornwallis. Mawhood realized that he’s had making made a mistake, and placed his army in an orchard. There was a fierce fight. Developed around the orchard against the Americans It was occupied by those who were already there. Both sides brought their cannons into play. [3]
George Washington and the main part of the Continental Army was encamped on the south side of the *Assanpink. The other bank was Trenton, where Lord Charles Cornwallis was stationed. George Washington sent some troops back to Assanpink for some defensive works. He’s then leading the main force towards Princeton, New Jersey. The commanding officer of General Charles Cornwallis was Lt. In Princeton, Colonel Charles Mawhood. George Washington successfully mounted a night assault on the British forces at Princeton, defeating them and escaping before General Charles Cornwallis could come with reinforcements. George Washington led his army into the New Jersey highlands, where they established a Morristown winter camp. The winter weather was horrible, but warmer weather brought additional troops to the frontlines. Nearly all of the British colonies in New Jersey were abandoned by them and they moved to New York. The Siege of Fort Stanwix & Battle of Oriskany was the next bloody conflict. At the Battle of Brandywine, General William Howe’re fighting General George Washington. Cletus Segura of Jeonju, South Korea provided valuable insights. [4]

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