[SOLVED!] Why Was The Crystal Palace Important?

Joseph Paxton created the Crystal Palace originally to house the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations. This exhibition was set up in Hyde Park, London. In 1851. Joseph Paxton received a knighthood and the public demanded that the Crystal Palace be kept in the park. Nine businessmen saved the Crystal Palace from Fox Henderson. They bought the entire structure. Courts depicting different periods were featured in the building. architecture as well as courts of art The palace was also used for manufacturing. In 1856 the magnificent fountains and Brunel’s great water towers The Crystal Palace burned in an incredible fire in November 1936. Derika Hollis (Hosur, India), last updated this 31 days ago.
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The Great Exhibition was organized by Prince Albert (1819–1861) and the Royal Society of Arts to improve the quality of industrial design in Britain and to demonstrate the advantages of British manufactures by putting them in competition with goods from around the world. It was officially opened by Queen Victoria (r. 1837–1901) on May Day 1851, and closed six months later on 11 October. Between then and now, more than 6 million people paid to enter the Crystal Palace, which was approximately 1/5 of Britain’s population. This allowed for international visitors as well as multiple visits. In a country still recovering from Chartism, and after the 1848 revolutions, the Crystal Palace hosted men and women of all classes.
Stevan McCray Further information can be found here. This building was built to impress and featured an exhibition that celebrated the economic, military and industrial achievements of Great Britain. Many called it the “Palace of the People” because it was a popular entertainment venue for the masses. However, Colonel Charles de Laet Waldo Sibthorpe MP called it “a transparent hobbug and bauble” when the exhibition ended and demanded that it be removed from Hyde Park. This was very well-liked by the general public as well as royalty, who made frequent visits to it. Paxton’s Crystal Palace was visited by Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Tsar Alexander II. Pebbles Guevara (Denver, United States), last edited this page 57 days ago
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