(SOLVED) Why You Should Take Progress Pictures? is a big advocate for documenting and sharing your journey to fitness with progress photos! There are many stages in life that fitness can begin. Some may start as early as grade school while others wait until they’ve become a grandparent. It doesn’t matter what age you are, take a photo of where you are at the moment. Whether is your first time to start focusing on fitness or even if it’s just a new lifting programme you’re excited to try – TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE! A body measurement of your own is better than a simple before photo. This can be done by taking measurements of yourself using a tape measure or finding a local machine that measures your body fat percentage and muscle mass (found at most local nutrition and supplement shops).👍 [1]
Being happy and healthy is what we want. This is why progress photos have been my most valuable tool. You will see positive results in your body, which is a great way to set yourself up for success. Everybody has their own reasons to exercise. Whether it be weight – loss, toning, strengthening, building muscle or just feeling good. Even if weight – loss is not your main goal, celebrating your progress is so important, even if you keep it entirely to yourself! Shenequia McGinnis, Ranchi (India) for her insight. [2]
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The specialists at, so how do you go about taking a “before” picture? First, take pictures on the day that you begin your new goal or within the first week. What should you wear? If you’re a guy, a pair of basketball shorts or a swimsuit should work fine. For women, wear what you’re comfortable in, a sports bra and shorts or a bikini. Note: It’s important to see your stomach as you’re most likely to see changes in that area. And… don’t suck it in, be real. You want to be able identify your problem areas, and to take visual stock as you go through each week and month. Lyly Ames was a great source of information. [3]
Image #3 Also, it is suggested to step aside from the scales and instead capture progress shots in order to monitor your progress. The Scales are not always your friend and they can make you feel extremely disheartened if you don’t see the number on the scales drop especially if you have been working hard. It is difficult to remember what we did. last time we weighed ourselves we don’t think its an important part of our fitness journey and your weight can change by the minute depending on the food you have eaten and the liquids you have consumed. You can still weigh yourself every week, or even once per month, if you don’t want to step on the scale daily. [4]

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