will a lightning strike kill a tree?

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Many trees are severely injured internally or below- ground by lightning despite the absence of visible, external symptoms 🙌 Lightning or electrical current passes from the trunk of the tree through the roots and dissipates in the ground 😎 Major root damage from electricity may cause the tree to decline and die without significant aboveground damage. The tree may die if it is still in its leaf. There are better chances for recovery if the tree is able to survive long enough to flower the next spring. Make sure to water your tree. fertilization are suggested to reduce tree stress. [1]
Lightning can be very damaging to trees. Every day, thousands of trees are hit by lightning. Trees are usually the tallest object in the landscape and their deep roots make them nature’s lightning rods, able to easily pass electric current from the air down to the ground. Because of their tallness, they are also more vulnerable to having their roots or stems damaged. Because the plant tissue in these trees is more wet and conducts electricity better, it can be less likely to get struck. However, lightning can strike trees with minimal damage if they are covered in wet bark. This is because it attracts the strike and channels the energy away from the tree’s vascular tissues. In a sense, lightning is nature’s way of eliminating old and sick trees. Lightning damage can be either minor or severe. Lightning damage can be minor or severe. damaged trees You could be further damaged by insects, diseases or winds. [2]
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There are many pros to Further information is available. Lightning can be instantly kill a tree It can be shocked with as much as 100,000,000 volts electricity. This heats up the tree’s vascular system to temperatures of up to 50,000 F. This superheated the cells and causes bark to peel off or explode. Usually, the damage is along the length of the trunk from the top canopy to the ground. The damage can also extend to roots under the ground, creating further concern regarding the roots’ ability to offer structural support for the trunk and upper canopy. You would have a hard time standing as well — if your feet were burnt to a crisp. This was modified by Keith Alvarez (Jaipur, India) on October 11, 2020 [3]
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The course of lightning determines the fate of trees. If there’s a severe thunderstorm and water runs down the bark (especially if it is a smooth-barked tree like beech), electricity could flow down. outside of the tree and do no harm (to the tree – anyone standing near it is at great risk). A dry environment may cause the water current to travel through the wood and crack the wood or explode. Although a cracked tree might not cause serious damage, it is possible that the current will travel through it. Only time will prove this. Trees with severe decay or old trees are at greater risk of exploding. [4]

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