How Did King Saul Attempt to Kill David? Unveiling the Dark Secrets

how did king saul try to kill david

Unveiling the Dark Secrets: How Did King Saul Attempt to Kill David?

King Saul’s relentless pursuit to eliminate David, his once trusted ally, is a tale filled with treachery, jealousy, and desperate attempts to end David’s life. In this article, we will delve into the dark secrets of how King Saul tried to kill David, unraveling the intricate web of deceit and danger that surrounded their tumultuous relationship.

The Jealousy that Consumed King Saul

King Saul’s jealousy towards David began to grow as he witnessed David’s rising popularity and success. David’s triumph over Goliath and his subsequent victories on the battlefield only fueled Saul’s envy. Consumed by his own insecurities, Saul’s heart turned dark, and he became determined to eliminate the threat that David posed to his reign.

Saul’s First Attempt: The Spear

In an attempt to rid himself of David, Saul resorted to using his own spear as a weapon. During a moment of rage, Saul hurled his spear at David, narrowly missing him. This incident marked the beginning of Saul’s relentless pursuit to kill David, as he realized that his initial attempt had failed.

The Dangerous Assignments

Recognizing David’s bravery and military prowess, Saul devised a plan to send him on perilous missions, hoping that he would meet his demise in battle. Saul strategically placed David in the front lines, exposing him to the greatest dangers. However, David’s unwavering courage and divine protection allowed him to emerge victorious time and time again, frustrating Saul’s murderous intentions.

The Marriage Trap

Desperate to eliminate David, Saul offered his daughter Michal’s hand in marriage to David, hoping that she would become a snare to him. Saul believed that if David was preoccupied with familial matters, he would be more vulnerable to attacks. However, David’s love for Michal and his cunning nature allowed him to navigate the treacherous waters of Saul’s schemes, escaping unharmed.

The Pursuit in the Wilderness

As David’s popularity continued to soar, Saul’s desperation grew. He pursued David relentlessly, even into the wilderness, with the intention of capturing and killing him. Saul’s army scoured the rugged terrain, but David managed to elude them time and time again, seeking refuge in caves and remote locations.

The Divine Intervention

Throughout Saul’s numerous attempts to kill David, divine intervention played a significant role in David’s survival. On multiple occasions, God protected David from Saul’s clutches, frustrating Saul’s plans and preserving David’s life. This divine intervention further fueled Saul’s frustration and intensified his determination to eliminate David.

The Final Encounter

In a climactic showdown, Saul and David found themselves in the same cave. Unbeknownst to Saul, David had the opportunity to kill him but chose not to, instead cutting off a piece of Saul’s robe as proof of his mercy. This act deeply affected Saul, leading him to momentarily reconsider his pursuit of David.

In conclusion, King Saul’s attempts to kill David were driven by jealousy, insecurity, and a desperate desire to maintain his reign. From hurling spears to orchestrating dangerous assignments, Saul employed various tactics to eliminate David. However, David’s bravery, divine protection, and strategic maneuvers allowed him to evade Saul’s murderous intentions time and time again. Ultimately, it was David’s mercy and God’s intervention that prevented Saul from succeeding in his deadly quest.



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