How Do You Answer “Bon Voyage”? The Ultimate Guide

how do you answer bon voyage

How to Respond to “Bon Voyage”: The Ultimate Guide

When someone says “Bon Voyage,” it’s a polite way of wishing someone a good journey or a safe trip. Responding appropriately shows your appreciation and well-wishes for their travels. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some useful phrases and tips on how to respond to “Bon Voyage” in different situations.

1. Simple and Appreciative Responses

When you want to keep your response short and sweet, consider using these phrases:

  • “Thank you!”
  • “Thanks, I will!”
  • “I appreciate it!”
  • “Will do, thanks!”

These responses convey your gratitude and acknowledge the well-wishes without much elaboration.

2. Expressing Excitement

If you’re genuinely excited about the upcoming trip, let the person know by using phrases like:

  • “I can’t wait!”
  • “I’m so excited!”
  • “It’s going to be amazing!”
  • “I’m really looking forward to it!”

These responses show your enthusiasm and anticipation for the journey ahead.

3. Wishing Well

To reciprocate the well-wishes, you can respond with phrases that express your hopes for their safe and enjoyable trip:

  • “Thank you! I’ll have a great time!”
  • “I’ll make sure to have a safe journey!”
  • “I’ll keep you updated on my adventures!”
  • “I’ll bring back some amazing stories!”

These responses demonstrate your gratitude for the kind wishes and assure the person that you’ll take care during your travels.

4. Adding Personal Touch

If you want to personalize your response, consider incorporating specific details about your trip or your feelings about it:

  • “Thank you! I’m excited to explore [destination]!”
  • “I’ll miss you too! But I can’t wait to experience [activity] in [destination]!”
  • “Thanks for the well-wishes! I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach in [destination]!”
  • “I appreciate it! I’ll be sure to try the local cuisine in [destination]!”

By adding a personal touch, you show that you value their wishes and share a glimpse of your excitement or plans for the trip.


Responding to “Bon Voyage” is a polite way to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s well-wishes for your journey. Whether you choose a simple and appreciative response, express your excitement, wish them well, or add a personal touch, your response should convey gratitude and positivity. Remember to tailor your response based on your relationship with the person and the context of the trip. Bon voyage!



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