What Eats a Rock Squirrel: Unveiling the Predator of these Furry Creatures

what eats a rock squirrel


Rock squirrels are furry creatures that are commonly found in rocky areas and canyons. While they may seem harmless, they do have natural predators that prey on them. In this article, we will explore the question: what eats a rock squirrel? Let’s dive in and unveil the predators of these furry creatures.

Predators of Rock Squirrels

Rock squirrels have a few natural predators that keep their population in check. These predators include:

1. Coyotes

Coyotes are known to be opportunistic predators and will not hesitate to prey on rock squirrels. With their keen sense of smell and excellent hunting skills, coyotes can easily locate and catch these furry creatures. They are particularly active during dawn and dusk, which is when rock squirrels are also most active.

2. Bobcats

Bobcats are skilled hunters and are known to feed on a variety of small mammals, including rock squirrels. With their sharp claws and stealthy nature, bobcats can easily ambush and capture these squirrels. They are most active during the night, making them a formidable predator for rock squirrels.

3. Birds of Prey

Birds of prey such as hawks and owls are also known to prey on rock squirrels. These aerial hunters have excellent eyesight and can spot their prey from high above. They swoop down swiftly and use their sharp talons to catch and kill the squirrels. Rock squirrels need to be cautious of these predators when they are out in the open.

4. Snakes

Certain snake species, such as rattlesnakes and bullsnakes, are known to feed on small mammals like rock squirrels. These snakes use their venom or constriction to immobilize their prey before consuming them. Rock squirrels need to be wary of these predators, especially when they venture into rocky crevices where snakes may be hiding.


Rock squirrels may be cute and furry, but they are not without their predators. Coyotes, bobcats, birds of prey, and snakes are some of the natural predators that pose a threat to these creatures. Understanding the predators of rock squirrels helps us appreciate the delicate balance of nature and the importance of each species in the ecosystem.



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