What is a Bar Joist in Construction? Explained in 60 Characters or Less!

what is a bar joist in construction

What is a Bar Joist in Construction?

A bar joist is a crucial component in the construction industry, often used in the design of commercial and industrial buildings. It is a structural element that provides support and stability to the overall framework of a building.

Bar joists are typically made of steel and consist of a series of parallel bars, known as chords, connected by diagonal web members. This configuration creates a truss-like structure that can efficiently distribute the weight and loads imposed on the building.

Key Features and Benefits of Bar Joists

1. Strength and Durability: Bar joists are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide long-lasting structural integrity to the building.

2. Flexibility: These joists can be customized to meet specific building requirements, allowing for various spans and load capacities.

3. Lightweight: Compared to other structural systems, bar joists are relatively lightweight, making them easier to handle and install.

4. Open Web Design: The open web design of bar joists allows for easy installation of utilities, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems, without the need for additional framing.

5. Cost-Effective: Bar joists offer a cost-effective solution for large-span structures, as they require fewer materials and labor compared to traditional solid beam construction.

Applications of Bar Joists

Bar joists are commonly used in various construction projects, including:

1. Commercial Buildings: Bar joists are widely used in the construction of shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, and other commercial structures.

2. Industrial Facilities: They are also prevalent in industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and storage facilities.

3. Roof Systems: Bar joists are often incorporated into roof systems, providing support for roof decking and other roofing materials.

4. Mezzanine Floors: These joists are ideal for creating mezzanine floors, which are intermediate levels between the main floors of a building.


In summary, a bar joist is a vital structural component in construction, offering strength, durability, and flexibility. Its open web design and cost-effectiveness make it a popular choice for various commercial and industrial applications. Whether used in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or roof systems, bar joists play a crucial role in providing stability and support to the overall structure.



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