What Time of Year Do You Pick Plums? A Seasonal Guide

what time of year do you pick plums


When it comes to enjoying the juicy and delicious taste of plums, timing is everything. Plums are a seasonal fruit, and knowing the right time to pick them ensures that you can savor their sweetness at its peak. In this article, we will guide you through the best time of year to pick plums, allowing you to indulge in their flavorsome goodness.

Understanding Plum Varieties:

Plums come in various varieties, and each type has its own unique ripening schedule. Some common plum varieties include Santa Rosa, Black Amber, Satsuma, and Shiro. It is essential to know which variety you have in your orchard or garden to determine the ideal picking time.

Early Season Plums:

Early season plums, such as Santa Rosa, typically ripen in late spring or early summer, usually around May or June. These plums are known for their vibrant reddish-purple skin and sweet-tart flavor. When the fruit is firm yet gives slightly to gentle pressure, it is a good indication that it is ready to be picked.

Mid-Season Plums:

Mid-season plums, like Black Amber and Satsuma, usually ripen in the middle of summer, around July or August. These plums have a darker skin color and a rich, sweet taste. To determine if a mid-season plum is ripe, gently press your thumb against the fruit’s skin. If it yields slightly and feels soft, it is ready to be harvested.

Late Season Plums:

Late season plums, such as Shiro, typically ripen towards the end of summer, around August or September. These plums have a golden-yellow skin and a mild, sweet flavor. When the fruit easily detaches from the tree with a gentle twist, it is a sign that it is ripe and ready to be picked.

Factors Affecting Plum Ripening:

Apart from the plum variety, several factors can influence the ripening time of plums. These include weather conditions, geographical location, and cultural practices. Warmer climates tend to have an earlier plum harvest, while cooler regions may experience a delayed harvest. Additionally, proper pruning, fertilization, and irrigation techniques can also impact the fruit’s ripening process.


In conclusion, the timing of plum picking depends on the variety and the season. Early season plums are ready in late spring or early summer, mid-season plums ripen in mid-summer, and late season plums are harvested towards the end of summer. By understanding the characteristics of different plum varieties and considering external factors, you can ensure that you pick plums at their peak ripeness, allowing you to enjoy their delectable flavors to the fullest. So, next time you find yourself surrounded by plum trees, remember to choose the right time to pick these luscious fruits and relish their natural sweetness.



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