Who Started the Glorious Revolution: Unveiling the Key Players

who started the glorious revolution


The Glorious Revolution, also known as the Revolution of 1688, was a significant event in English history that led to the overthrow of King James II and the establishment of William III and Mary II as joint monarchs. This revolution had a profound impact on the political and religious landscape of England. In this article, we will unveil the key players who played a crucial role in starting the Glorious Revolution.

William of Orange

One of the central figures in the Glorious Revolution was William of Orange, who later became William III of England. William was a Protestant prince from the Netherlands and was married to James II’s daughter, Mary. He was invited by a group of English nobles and politicians to invade England and take the throne from James II. William’s military prowess and popularity among the Protestant population made him a natural choice to lead the revolution.

James II

James II, the King of England at the time, was a Catholic monarch who faced increasing opposition from the Protestant majority. His attempts to promote Catholicism and his disregard for the rights and liberties of his Protestant subjects led to widespread discontent. James’s policies and his close ties with France, a Catholic nation, alarmed many English nobles and politicians, who saw him as a threat to the Protestant religion and the English constitution.

English Nobles and Politicians

Several English nobles and politicians played a crucial role in initiating the Glorious Revolution. They were alarmed by James II’s pro-Catholic policies and feared the establishment of an absolute monarchy. These key players, including Lord Danby, Lord Halifax, and Admiral Edward Russell, secretly corresponded with William of Orange and invited him to invade England. Their support and coordination were essential in ensuring the success of the revolution.

The Church of England

The Church of England, as the established Protestant church, played a significant role in the Glorious Revolution. The clergy and prominent bishops within the church were staunch supporters of Protestantism and were deeply concerned about the influence of Catholicism under James II’s reign. They actively supported William of Orange and played a crucial role in rallying public support for the revolution.

The People

The Glorious Revolution would not have been possible without the support of the people. The Protestant population, in particular, was eager to see James II removed from power and a Protestant monarch installed. Their discontent with James’s policies and their desire for religious freedom fueled the revolution. The people’s support for William of Orange and their willingness to rise up against James II were instrumental in the success of the revolution.


The Glorious Revolution was a pivotal moment in English history, and its key players shaped its outcome. William of Orange, James II, English nobles and politicians, the Church of England, and the people all played crucial roles in starting and ensuring the success of the revolution. Their collective efforts led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy and the preservation of Protestantism in England. The Glorious Revolution remains a significant event that continues to influence the political and religious landscape of England to this day.



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